Hydrogen Conference Film

INEOS  employs 26,000 people at 194 sites in 29 countries. It sees change as an opportunity. A chance to find a better way to do something.

As the world now seeks to move away from fossil fuels, the focus has turned to hydrogen, a clean fuel and raw material.

And when it comes to hydrogen, INEOS has the know-how to make a huge difference.

It already produces about 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen every year and is the largest operator of electrolysis, a critical technology for hydrogen production, in Europe.

But it wants – and plans – to do more.

It is currently building a 20 megawatt electrolyser, which will be powered by renewable energy, at Rafnes in Norway.

That electrolyser will create enough hydrogen to run INEOS’ plant and 400 buses or 16,000 cars every day, saving over 20,000 tonnes of CO2 a year in the process.

INEOS knows it must change if it is to continue producing the  products that enhance almost every aspect of modern life.

The solvents for pharmaceuticals. The chlorine for clear water. The polymers for construction. And the carbon fibre for everything from prosthetic limbs to cars.

And it is changing too so that it can continue to produce those products that are also essential for a greener future.

The acetyls for solar panels. And the composites for wind turbines.

INEOS has a very clear role to play as we transition to a brighter, cleaner future and is firmly committed to leading the production of hydrogen in the UK and Europe. For industry. For the home. And for transport