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Grangemouth (Project Acorn) & Blue Hydrogen

Scotland is powering ahead with its own drive to become net zero by 2045 – and carbon capture and storage and hydrogen are at the heart of its strategy.

Acorn is a carbon capture and storage project, designed to be built quickly, taking advantage of existing oil and gas infrastructure and a well-understood offshore CO2 storage site. 

The project is located in north east Scotland at the St Fergus Gas Terminal – an active, industrial site, where about 35% of all the natural gas used in the UK comes onshore.

The project links Scotland’s industrial heartland to the Acorn CO2 transport and storage system in north east Scotland.

INEOS and Petroineos at Grangemouth have joined the Scottish Cluster, partnering with the Acorn project to capture and store up to one million tonnes of CO2 by 2027.

£1 billion Investment at the Grangemouth site will enable the capture and storage of this CO2 with the scope to capture further significant volumes beyond 2027.

“Once operational, the carbon capture and storage system will provide an essential route to permanently and safely capture and store CO2 emissions for large, industrial emitters throughout Scotland with significant positive impact for climate change and the country.”

INEOS and Petroineos own and operate what is one of Scotland’s largest manufacturing sites at Grangemouth.

Since taking ownership of the facility in 2005, it has already reduced CO2 emissions at the site by 37%. Once operational, the proposed carbon capture and storage system will further increase emission reduction at the site to more than 50% compared with 2005.

The INEOS roadmap to net zero 2045 builds on the significant reductions the company has already made at Grangemouth.

When INEOS bought the site in 2005 it was emitting about five million tonnes of CO2 per year. Today that stands at about three million tonnes, but using hydrogen combined with carbon capture via the Acorn project, will reduce those emissions to under two million.

The site’s roadmap, which extends beyond the Acorn project, has one goal, and that is to safely and efficiently reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2045.

 Acorn presents a pathway for Scotland to help meet its ambitious climate targets through effective carbon capture and storage.

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