Hydrogen Heroes


INDUSTRY and academia have developed the UK’s first hydrogen-powered train.

Porterbrook worked closely with the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research and Education to develop The HydroFLEX by fitting a hydrogen pack to an existing Class 319 train.

In just nine months from concept to launch, the team designed, developed, built, commissioned and carried out successful tests.

"This revolutionary fuel cell technology has the potential to address the challenges around decarbonisation of the railways,” said Mark Grant, CEO Porterbrook.

The new HydroFLEX will offer delegates attending November’s COP26 in Glasgow the opportunity to travel on a hydrogen-powered train that will also showcase the best of UK engineering. 

Hydrogen needs heroes

The hydrogen transition requires individuals, companies and governments with the know-how, belief, financial clout and desire to prove hydrogen’s case

Thanks to a growing number of companies, hydrogen-powered trains, buses, cars, planes are now becoming a reality. We’re here to champion and work with them.

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