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HYDROGEN has been used for the first time to make cement – thanks to UK government funding.

 The successful trial was conducted at Hanson UK’s Ribblesdale site in Lancashire – and paves the way for the company to use hydrogen instead of fossil fuels to make cement.

 “If fully implemented for the whole kiln system, nearly 180,000 tonnes of CO2 could be saved each year at Ribblesdale alone, compared to using fossil fuels such as coal,” said environmental sustainability manager Iain Walpole.

 Cement production is responsible for about 7% of global CO2 emissions.

 One of the reasons why CO2 emissions are high is that kilns have to be heated to very high temperatures to make the clinker needed to manufacture cement.

  “Fuel switching and developing hydrogen technology will be vital for decarbonising industries such as cement production,” said Greg Hands, the UK Minister for Energy & Climate Change. 

  Hanson UK, which is a key member of the NyNet North West consortium, is a leading supplier of building materials such as ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, aggregates and cement.

Hydrogen needs heroes

The hydrogen transition requires individuals, companies and governments with the know-how, belief, financial clout and desire to prove hydrogen’s case

Thanks to a growing number of companies, hydrogen-powered trains, buses, cars, planes are now becoming a reality. We’re here to champion and work with them.

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