GeoPura Hydrogen unit at BBC Bristol
Hydrogen heroes


A BRITISH company has been quietly making hydrogen history behind the scenes since 2019.

  In a first for television, GeoPura used a Hydrogen Power Unit instead of diesel generator to help BBC Studios present 12 live broadcasts of Springwatch.

 Chris Packham, one of the wildlife show’s presenters, said he was massively grateful to everyone who had helped to make it happen.

  “Change is the only way we will begin to tackle the climate crisis so it’s incredibly important that we can pioneer the use of new technologies and methods,” he said.

  GeoPura’s 250kW power unit, which is based on an industrial fuel cell, is powered by hydrogen.

  Its fuel cell system was also recently used to provide off-grid power and heat to the National Grid’s UK Viking Link construction site – in a world first for the construction industry.

  GeoPura’s power unit once again removed the need for diesel generators as Siemens Energy worked on the 473-mile electricity cable that will link the UK and Denmark.

  GeoPura’s managing director, Andrew Cunningham, said there was huge potential across all industries.

  “We believe that we have created a real game-changer in terms of powering our planet without fossil fuels,” he said.

 “But we are currently experiencing the ‘chicken and egg’ scenario of the hydrogen economy as we currently don’t have a robust low carbon hydrogen supply of hydrogen to truly level the field.”

  He said that was why GeoPura was also focused on producing green hydrogen so that it could be economically stored for future use.

Hydrogen needs heroes

The hydrogen transition requires individuals, companies and governments with the know-how, belief, financial clout and desire to prove hydrogen’s case

Thanks to a growing number of companies, hydrogen-powered trains, buses, cars, planes are now becoming a reality. We’re here to champion and work with them.

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