Hydrogen Heroes


THE UK’s largest gas distribution network believes Britain could be at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution – if it takes some bold steps.

Cadent has welcomed the UK Government’s plans to blend 20 per cent hydrogen into the wider gas network, saying it is a logical, low-risk key step that requires no new technology.

But it wants the Government to go further and faster and insist on ‘hydrogen-ready’ boilers from 2025.

“We think a mandate to introduce zero emission hydrogen-ready boilers when their current fossil fuel counterparts come to the end of their natural life would be a hugely positive step forwards, and would cause minimal impact on consumers and their habits,” said Dr Tony Balance, Cadent’s chief strategy and regulation officer.

 “Once installed, people could then simply switch to heating their homes using hydrogen if that becomes a viable solution for their neighbourhood.” 

Cadent, which can trace its roots back 200 years and is part of the HyNet consortium, currently brings gas to 11 million homes and businesses in the UK.

“From a UK-wide perspective, hydrogen for heat is also a great economic opportunity,” said Dr Balance. “We manufacture 1.3m boilers in the UK, supporting 6,000 jobs. In addition, having hydrogen in the gas pipes will increase use of zero emission hydrogen buses, trucks, trains, ships and planes - all of which can be made in the UK, supporting more jobs and economic growth.”