Hydrogen Heroes

Baxi Heating

Hydrogen gas is not new, but it does offer new opportunities to heat people’s homes.

And one company keen to do that is Baxi Heating’s parent company BDR Thermea Group, which has developed the first hydrogen central heating boiler in the world.

“We are pioneering the use of hydrogen for heating,” said Jeff House, the company’s head of external affairs.

Much of the public remains ignorant for how heating and hot water contributes to their carbon footprint.

“Heating our homes and businesses and commercial buildings accounts for roughly one third of UK CO2 emissions,” he said.

So something has to change.

The company’s hydrogen-ready boiler has been designed so that, although it can initially run on natural gas, it can easily be converted to hydrogen.

Hydrogen needs heroes

The hydrogen transition requires individuals, companies and governments with the know-how, belief, financial clout and desire to prove hydrogen’s case

Thanks to a growing number of companies, hydrogen-powered trains, buses, cars, planes are now becoming a reality. We’re here to champion and work with them.

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